Blood can be an ikky subject…

The last time I donated blood was in February and it was an overwhelming experience. It made me feel good that I could possibly save a life but the fact that thick needles were stabbed into my skin scared the heck out of me.

I’m usually not scared of needles, but when the nurse pierced one of those bad boys into my skin I was about to cry like a baby. The sensation is nauseating. The machines that draw your blood take in more blood than what I drink water a day.

When I was all done they gave me a cookie and a juice box :). I did feel like fainting, but I tried my best not to because that would be embarrassing LOL. 

Despite all the freaks of it all, donating blood for a good cause is something I would definitely do again and I think others should too. Donate blood, because you will definitely feel like a hero knowing you could possibly save a life.

P.S. I hope I didn’t convince anyone not to donate blood, but that was my honest opinion of my experience. Don’t forget to donate…


‘Finding myself’?

To most, I probably had the most boring holiday ever and yes it is true, but honestly I enjoyed staying at home for 3 weeks straight.

I decided to spend this holiday re-evaluating myself and figuring out where I’m going with my life and what I want to become when I’m done with high school. In other words I was trying to ‘find myself’.

During these 3 splendid weeks I thought about my life and what I’ve been doing for these past 16 years and honestly I don’t think I really ‘found myself’ completely…I don’t think anyone can ‘find’ themself COMPLETELY.

What I have learned is that I should focus more on the things I enjoy the most, I should quit the things I’ve been doing wrong and take more risks and be daring. Starting a blog was pretty daring to me, so YAY, an accomplishment on that.

If you ever need to ‘find’ yourself and just think about your life, the best way to do it, is to do nothing during your spare time and just think or do what you enjoy the most. Pick an environment that is both calming and your favourite place to be (mine would be my room).

That’s pretty much it, just an update on what I’ve been up to these past few weeks ☕😌💭.

Makeup Basics

This is a beginners guide to makeup and what you should typically have when starting off on your makeup and beauty journey…

Foundation- ofcourse foundation is the first thing you need to buy. It is the starting point for any makeup look.

Mascara- mascara will be your best friend, it gives your eyelashes great volume and boldness but that’s only if you buy from a good brand ☝.

Eyeliner- if you don’t want to look dead just a bit of eyeliner will wake you up and make your eyes pop. Any cheap eyeliner will do the trick.

Lipgloss/Lipbalm/Lipstick- every girl should have a staple lipstick that gives your lips great colour and moisture, because nobody likes crusty lips. 

Eyebrow Pencil- know your brow shape firstly and then fill it in, brush it to your desire then you are on your way with brows that are on fleeek.

Eye Palette and Brush- just like your go to lipstick, you should always have your go to eye palette. Buy a palette with a range of colours so you can experiment and find your favourite eye look that suits you. A great blending brush will help bring your look together smoothly.

This was just my take on the makeup basics and what you should have starting off. Thanks for reading ❤.

Skin Care 

I live by my skin care products, because it’s a combination of different products suited for my type of skin. On most days my skin is oily and on others it gets quite dry, this post will be about my skin care routine and how these products help with my problem. I hope this can also help others facing the same problem as me ☺. 

Neutrogena Facial Scrub

I absolutely love this exfoliater. It contains microbeads so it feels like I’m really getting rid of all that dead skin and scum. I usually use this when I feel really ikky or just after I removed my makeup.

Neutrogena Facial Wash

This is also really great but not as good as the scrub. I use this every morning and at night for my oilness. It smells amazing too…all the neutrogena products that I use has the pink grapefruit scent in it and it is soo goood.

 Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer

OMG 😵, guys this moisturizer is soo fucking good. This is the best moisturizer I have ever used. It honestly is oil-free and it smells sooo niiiccee 😍. I use this mostly at night though. The first time I tried it, it had a stingy sensation on my skin (not a bad one but it stiiings) and if you put it too close to your eyes it burns sligtly. The sensation did feel good though, because I felt like it was cleansing my face further and stinging the bacteria away (in my mind).


Most of you heard about Bio-Oil or have it, but it’s seriously a great product. I use this mainly of my face because of all my blemishes and scarring I have from my acne. This really helps with giving me an even skin tone. I use this whenever and I only take 2 drops of this into my palm and lightly massage it into my skin. 

Johnson’s Even Complexion Day Cream

This product isn’t great, but it’s ok when I have dry skin. Too much of it though will make you feel greasy af. I use this product when I’m feeling crusty and only use one small squeeze of it ( a little goes a long way), I massage it gentlely into my skin. I put this on my skin right before I’m about to do my makeup and it’s just for added moisture. The good thing about it, is that it smells nice too and has SPF in it👌.

P.S. I got my Neutrogena products all in one pack, I don’t know if they still sell it or if it was like a limited edition type of thing but overrall it was amazing 🙌.

Hoped this helped anyone with the same problems I was facing ❤. 

My First Blog :D…

Well here goes nothing 👀
Okay, so this is not only my first blog post, but my first blog *jazz hands*. I always wanted to start a blog, but I felt kind of embarrassed about it…I’m not sure why. Anyway this is me doing what I always wanted to do, so bare with me 😂.


There’s not much to me really, I’m just the typical ‘unusual’ teenager. I would pick my cosy bed over a party anytime. My playlist consists of Bryson Tiller, Drake and blues 🙌. I am super ambitious ( I think that’s one thing people don’t know about me), I like have visions of myself being an independent and wealthy woman who pushes the boundaries of the typical stereotypes society has about women. I lurvv make-up, clothes, reinventing items and yep…that’s pretty much me 💩.

What’s meee blog about?

Well I’m not a creative genius, make-up guru or the artsy kid but I sure as hell know a thing or two. My blog can be described as my public diary…by that I don’t mean I’m going to bitch about every single thing 😂😒. I’m going to blog about…me I guess, what I like, make-up and room decor tips, OOTD and simply what’s on my mind at that time 💭.


I hope my mini intro gave you some insight on my blog. I will probably post once a week or if I’m not being a busy student, twice a week. I hope you enjoy my blog *crossed fingers* 💫💆.