My First Blog :D…

Well here goes nothing 👀
Okay, so this is not only my first blog post, but my first blog *jazz hands*. I always wanted to start a blog, but I felt kind of embarrassed about it…I’m not sure why. Anyway this is me doing what I always wanted to do, so bare with me 😂.


There’s not much to me really, I’m just the typical ‘unusual’ teenager. I would pick my cosy bed over a party anytime. My playlist consists of Bryson Tiller, Drake and blues 🙌. I am super ambitious ( I think that’s one thing people don’t know about me), I like have visions of myself being an independent and wealthy woman who pushes the boundaries of the typical stereotypes society has about women. I lurvv make-up, clothes, reinventing items and yep…that’s pretty much me 💩.

What’s meee blog about?

Well I’m not a creative genius, make-up guru or the artsy kid but I sure as hell know a thing or two. My blog can be described as my public diary…by that I don’t mean I’m going to bitch about every single thing 😂😒. I’m going to blog about…me I guess, what I like, make-up and room decor tips, OOTD and simply what’s on my mind at that time 💭.


I hope my mini intro gave you some insight on my blog. I will probably post once a week or if I’m not being a busy student, twice a week. I hope you enjoy my blog *crossed fingers* 💫💆.


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