Makeup Basics

This is a beginners guide to makeup and what you should typically have when starting off on your makeup and beauty journey…

Foundation- ofcourse foundation is the first thing you need to buy. It is the starting point for any makeup look.

Mascara- mascara will be your best friend, it gives your eyelashes great volume and boldness but that’s only if you buy from a good brand ☝.

Eyeliner- if you don’t want to look dead just a bit of eyeliner will wake you up and make your eyes pop. Any cheap eyeliner will do the trick.

Lipgloss/Lipbalm/Lipstick- every girl should have a staple lipstick that gives your lips great colour and moisture, because nobody likes crusty lips. 

Eyebrow Pencil- know your brow shape firstly and then fill it in, brush it to your desire then you are on your way with brows that are on fleeek.

Eye Palette and Brush- just like your go to lipstick, you should always have your go to eye palette. Buy a palette with a range of colours so you can experiment and find your favourite eye look that suits you. A great blending brush will help bring your look together smoothly.

This was just my take on the makeup basics and what you should have starting off. Thanks for reading ❤.


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