‘Finding myself’?

To most, I probably had the most boring holiday ever and yes it is true, but honestly I enjoyed staying at home for 3 weeks straight.

I decided to spend this holiday re-evaluating myself and figuring out where I’m going with my life and what I want to become when I’m done with high school. In other words I was trying to ‘find myself’.

During these 3 splendid weeks I thought about my life and what I’ve been doing for these past 16 years and honestly I don’t think I really ‘found myself’ completely…I don’t think anyone can ‘find’ themself COMPLETELY.

What I have learned is that I should focus more on the things I enjoy the most, I should quit the things I’ve been doing wrong and take more risks and be daring. Starting a blog was pretty daring to me, so YAY, an accomplishment on that.

If you ever need to ‘find’ yourself and just think about your life, the best way to do it, is to do nothing during your spare time and just think or do what you enjoy the most. Pick an environment that is both calming and your favourite place to be (mine would be my room).

That’s pretty much it, just an update on what I’ve been up to these past few weeks โ˜•😌💭.


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