Blood can be an ikky subject…

The last time I donated blood was in February and it was an overwhelming experience. It made me feel good that I could possibly save a life but the fact that thick needles were stabbed into my skin scared the heck out of me.

I’m usually not scared of needles, but when the nurse pierced one of those bad boys into my skin I was about to cry like a baby. The sensation is nauseating. The machines that draw your blood take in more blood than what I drink water a day.

When I was all done they gave me a cookie and a juice box :). I did feel like fainting, but I tried my best not to because that would be embarrassing LOL. 

Despite all the freaks of it all, donating blood for a good cause is something I would definitely do again and I think others should too. Donate blood, because you will definitely feel like a hero knowing you could possibly save a life.

P.S. I hope I didn’t convince anyone not to donate blood, but that was my honest opinion of my experience. Don’t forget to donate…


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