Lets go hiking?

Recently I went hiking for the first time and it was such an amazing experience. 

Cape Town

I’m not sure how many kilometres we walked, but it felt like we walked forever. Luckily I made it and without complaining!

The entire hike was basically walking uphill and surprisingly I completed it. The view was spectacular and just inhaling fresh air and not being cooped up in my little nest felt great.

I went hiking with a few of my friends and we made a few pit stops to take in the amazing view and for pictures too :):).

The scary thing about it all was that the path was so narrow and that if you tripped to the side, you would definitely fall off the hill and it would be a loong way down 🗻.

My friends and I, I’m the third person from the front

After the hike my legs ached so badly. Overrall I had a fun and adventurous day 🙏😌. For the hike I wore a pink Adidas cap, a grey top with pink and white writing that says “Too Fit Too Quit”, a 3/4 grey black gyming tights and a pair of Nike shoes.

Taking in the view

P.S. The view was amazing and it looked even better in person than in the picture 🙌:).


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