Pioneer School for the Visually Impaired

Before we got to the school we made a quick pit stop at a road side restaurant/store. My friend and I took advantage of this and took a lot of pictures 😌.

Hey there my fellow bloggers! I haven’t been posting a lot lately simply because school has kept me sooo busy :twisted:. This post is going to be about my experience spending a day at a school for the visually impaired, so here it goes 💭.

This is my friend and I, we went together with a few other people from our school.

The school we went to is quite big, but we only remained  in one section of the school. We got a tour of that section and the teachers at the school explained to us how the students go about in the school, how they play their sports and how certain things are adapted for them. We were taught how to lead a blind person, it was really fun because we had to partner up with one of our friends and each one had a chance to be blindfolded and one had to lead the other.

We got cards with the alphabet and numbers in braille.

Each student from my school got paired up with a student from the Pioneer School and we basically had to follow them, go to their classes and spend the day with them.

My host was partially blind but others did get blind hosts. My host was so naughty 😂. He tried to bunk a class with one of his friends once and I had to be with him the entire day because his my host so I couldn’t do much about it. His extremely funny too 😂. 

We learnt cool things like a bible for us is typically one book, but to have a full bible in braille,would be 52 separate books.So blind people can’t take a bible if they go to church 😮.

The amount of students in their class is extremely small. Their classes consists of 5 to 10 kids in one class, whereas we have like 30 in a class. In one class, they get taught how to face the outside world, like crossing the street and knowing the street names, malls, etc.

We didn’t take any pictures in the school, so these pictures were taken before we got there.

Overrall it was an amazing experience and we learnt new things. I would definitely visit the school again.


Eyes Lookin’ Snatched

Here is a fabulous eye makeup look that anyone can pull off. It is beautiful and can add that extra bit of oomfff to your look. I did not fleek out my eyebrows for this look, I hope to do a separate tutorial on that. If you on a budget this makeup look is for you as the products are affordable. 

What I used: I used the Essence Nudes eyeshadow palette and Ralo Cosmetics Blusher in the colour Amber.

If you can not find these products in stores then simply purchase colours that are similiar if you want to achieve this exact look. Ralo Cosmetics only retails in South Africa, but there are other brands that do sell this blush in a similiar colour.

To get a sharp eye look, simply place cellotape from the outer corner of your eye, up to the end of your brow.

The order in which I used the colours: 3rd colour from the top (left to right), last shade of the top row, 1st colour from the bottom, blusher in the colour Amber and 2cnd colour from the bottom row.

How I got this look: Firstly I set my cellotape in place. Using  my blending brush, I took a bit of the medium-dark brown colour (dab off the excess) and blended that only into my crease. It’s the third shade from top row.

With the dark brown colour, I blended that on the outer corner and inner corner of my eyes, bringing a little of that into my crease as well. I blended it thoroughly, keeping the centre of my eyelid blank in the process. 

Using the blusher, I took that to my crease as well and blended. I blended all 3 of the colours together so that there aren’t any harsh lines. At this point you won’t really see the brown that was applied first, but it will give an undertone.

The centre of my eyelid that was left open, I filled it with a smokey brown colour and kept it only in that one spot. I dusted it off so that it doesn’t come off as chalky, leaving it faintly on my eyelid.

With the highlight shade, I took quite a bit and only put that on my eyebrow bone. I blended that so it didn’t give a harsh look. I added this to my tear ducts as well, only a little. Topping the look off with a flirty cat eye will add sexiness to the look. 

Note: Prime, prime, prime ! Before I done this look, I used foundation as a primer (it was 1 shade lighter than my skin), then I took the 1st colour (top row)  and put that all over my eyelids lightly. If you medium to dark skinned black eyeliner in your water line will pull the look together👌. If you lighter skinned, I suggest a brown eyeliner. Black eyeliner is fine, but apply lightly.

P.S I will do a tutorial on how I do my cat eye. There will be more make-up tutorials so stay tuned 😌☝.