Make It Happen!!

The holiday has come to an end, unfortunately and school begins on Monday….
I haven’t done much this holiday, but what I did enjoy was spending time with my friends and being on my own. I went to the beach and it felt so good to just CHILL for a sec.

We are at Lagoon Beach.

School hasn’t even started yet and I can already feel the pressure. The previous term I worked so hard and stayed determined, but trying to keep that work ethic up is going to be difficult.

For the following school months I plan on working extra hard. My faith is on a high, because I aspire to be so much in life and to be successful but it gets harder day by day.

This term is going to be extremely hectic, because it’s just 3 weeks until we write our final exam for the year, I have cheerleading auditions and our school will be announcing people for a bunch of leadership positions. 

My goals for this term is that I end it with a BANG! I want to be able to juggle sport, academics and yet still have fun, it seems impossible but I’m going to try my best.

At this very moment I feel so motivated and wanting to push myself, because I’m setting these expectations and challenges for myself, with the mindset of ‘you will reach the top, despite stumbling along the way there.’

The next few months should be about “I CAN DO IT AND I’M GOING TO DO IT”. I hope everyone is feeling as motivated as I am and that you push yourself to get to where you want to be, and the only place that should be is on the street of ‘my best’ to the empire of success 😝🙏👌.


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