I finally did my hair!

This festive season, I wanted to do something daring and change up my look. I’ve been wanting to do braids for a long time now, but never had the time or energy to go through with it. 

I did a lot of googling for inspiration on what style I should do and what attracted me immediatly was the twists. It’s a method in which your hair is twisted using fibre (synthetic hair strands).

I finally braided my hair the style I wanted. I done the twists, using the South Africa brand X-Pression. I went with a dark brown, loong look.

This is what I wanted, long sleek twists.

I actually like it but boy does my sculp ache. I sat for hours while people worked together to finish up the job 😂. YES, it took more than one person to finish up my hair. It was a new experience for me, doing my hair in ways other than just my usual hairstyles. Atleast I don’t have to worry about what to do with my hair every morning, I can just wake up leave my braids hanging freely and go😌😌.

I got a lot of advice from friends on what to expect. I expected to have a horrible first time but it actually wasn’t that bad. Yes it hurts slightly but it was worth it, because it’s a new look for me and it’s different.

There are a few things I would  like to tweek a bit, such as have a uniform thickness from the roots to the ends, as it does start off thick and ends thin, overral I am happy with the look and would braid my hair again.

My natural hair ends just at the base of my neck and my braids end by my butt :roll:.

And this is the final product, sleigh this Christmas (sorry I had to say the pun 😒😂)

This season feel inspired to try new looks. Take the risks and be daring, because technically it is your last chance to end off 2016 with a BANG 😝. By changing  your appearence it can spark up a new bit of self-confidence you never knew you had. So moral of this post is to GO FOR IT!! What ever it is you aim for.


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