Corny New Year Post

Happy New Year 🎉😘!

This year will be my final year in high school and will probably be my most stressful year ever. With school starting in a weeks time, projects being handed to us the first week, sport practise and cheerleading, I can already feel how dreadful this year is going to be, BUT it’s also going to be an amazing 12 months. It’s my final year and I’m going to make the most of it!!

I want to make my 2k17 a blast and end it with a big bang! Resolutions weren’t made because we all know that never works out 😂💀; instead of making New Year resolutions that fail why don’t we just let things be. Live life and enjoy the new year without forcing yourself to abide by these stupid ‘rules’ we set out.

Make 2017 your year! Do something you would never do in a million years, go exploring, talk to a stranger because you might not see that stranger again 😐.

…point is, be daring and take a risk once in a while👌.

I wish EVERYONE, the good, the evil, the wicked, the compassionate, enemies and lovers, a splendid new year. May you find peace from within and be open minded.

Be safe though, don’t take sweets from a stranger and don’t do what those people do on Ridiculousness, because that’s just stupid ;). (my first post for 2k17 btw ❤)