Pink Glow!

Ladies and Gents, I present to you a fabulous pink-nudish look 😌.

I’m back with another makeup look; using my Essence Nudes palette, HD palette and this bright-coloured shimmers palette that has no name 💪.

The HD palette are all shimmers except for the black shade, which is a matte. It is a great palette for highlighting.

Let’s get straight into it:

1. I first primed my eyes with concealer and set it with a white powder.

2. From the Essence Nudes palette, I took the two brown matte shades (top row, the 3rd & 4th shade). Tapping the excess powder off my brush, I blended the two thoroughly in my crease.

TIP: The lightest brown of the two, can act as your transitioning shade.

I did not do my eyebrows nor have I put on mascara or eyeliner, simply because I was lazy 😐.

3. I then took a hot pink shade with slight shimmer and packed that on my lid, not going anywhere near my crease. I blended that out. With the brush I used for my crease, I blended the browns with the pink so that no harsh lines were apparent between the two shades.

The browns appear more lighter in real life. I showed which colours I used by labeling the shades with pink blocks.

4. Using my HD palette, I took the first shade (white highlight) and put that on my brow bone as well as the inner corners of my eyes.

5. Mixing the browns from my Essence palette with the pink shade, I blended the two on my lower lash line.

TIP: Wet your brush when applying your highlighter, it makes it more prominant and gives that blinding effect.

I’m wearing ‘Exposed’ from Kylie’s Lip Kit.

Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot. I’m in my final year of highschool and my life has been hella busy lately. Holidays are coming up soon, so I hope to be posting a lot more.