If you seen my makeup tutorials, you would notice that my eyebrows are always looking busted 😂. I’ve been trying to grow my eyebrows to get it thicker, then shape it. 

I abstained from plucking and as part of my night time routine, I’d put vaseline on my brows and brush it out. I do the same with my eyelashes. You need to be consistent with this routine to see a difference. I try to do this as often as I can and after a while I actually noticed a difference.

My eyelashes were longer and my eyebrows definitely appeared thicker.

It’s all about the SHAPE! Whether it’s tweezing, threading or waxing, you need to have a shape in order to start somewhere.

 The eyebrow pencil I use is Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil in the colour dark brow.


1. Draw a clean line just underneath your eyebrow, with your brow pencil or gel.

2. Repeat on top of your brow, connecting the 2 lines at the tail end.

3. Then lightly fill in your eyebrow and brush through it to get rid of excess product.

4. For that extra sharpness, clean up around your brow with concealer and blend it out.

TIP: if you don’t have brow gel, simply use mascara. It basically does the same thing and makes your eyebrows look thicker/darker.


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