My go to makeup look

Here is a ‘quick’ and easy makeup look that I’m sure anyone can achieve.


1. Before I apply my foundation, I colour correct. I use a brush to apply my foundation and blend further with a damp beauty blender.

2. After foundation, I apply concealer to my under-eyes and blend with my finger. I then bake my under-eyes with setting powder, as well as my chin and the small of my forehead.

3. Before dusting away the powder, I put on mascara on my lower and upper eyelashes. Instead of filling in my brows, I brushed it out with mascara. Using a eyebrow brush, I combed out my lashes and eyebrows to remove any excess product. Don’t forget eyeliner!

4. After removing the setting powder, I lightly powder contoured and with my glow stick, I highlighted my brow bone, tip and bridge of my nose as well as my cheek bones.

5. I then applied blush. When I apply my blush, I lightly move it towards the sides of my nose so that I have that full blushing rosey cheeks effect.

6. A nude lip or light pink is always cute, especially for an on the go natural type of look. I’m wearing Kylie Cosmetics lip kit in the colour Exposed.

7. To end off, I spray rose water all over my face as a setting spray. 

This look is really easy and if you in a rush I suggest using minimal products, especially if you going for a natural look. 


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