Brown with Shimmer

Yet  another simple, on the go, night time, eye-makeup look!

This look consists of 2 shades of brown and a brown shimmer. Once again, this look is quick (despite the amount of blending) and doesn’t require that much product.

This look is great for a subtle but formal night time occasion. If you not the type to go allllll out but still want that glam look, then this is for you.


1. Blend a light brown shade into your crease. This is your transitioning shade. I went slightly above my crease, blending thoroughly.

2. Taking a darker brown, you want to focus this on the inner corner and outer corner of your eyelids. Blending that towards each other through the crease. I kept building on product to gradually  get a smokey effect. With this same shade, blend that along your waterline.

I tried to achieve a smokey effect.

3. With concealer or foundation create a cut crease. This look was my attempt at a cut crease but I failed 🙊. So if you don’t want that cut crease look, skip this step.

4. On the inner-corner of your eyelid moving towards the centre, you want to place your shimmer shade in this region.

5. With the brush you used for your browns, blend from your outer corner towards where the shimmer meets to eliminate any harsh lines if necessary.

6. Don’t forget to highlight your brow bone and tear ducts 😄.

I will be posting ‘often’ since it is holiday..YAAAY. I needed this break! Thanks for reading btw โค.


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